Welcome to Cats of the Clans Wiki (The new version!)
Message from the Cats of the Clans
Hey everyone! I need the Admins to help me with reopening for the Summer. I'm going to start making the page bases on Thursday, and since most of you get off at Friday, you can edit and improve them on the weekends if you wish. :) Today I might make the Clan pages, and maybe, just maybe the Charart Project page. A lot will be happening to me on Thursday, though, so I might just make minor edits. It has a lot to do with... School friends being jerks to my crush. Apparently they want to break his heart, but whatever, I don't think you should worry. Today I can start making the charart linearts, only a few. I would appreciate if you admins helped me rebuild so we can make CotC great this Summer. :) Thanks!
Welcome, every warrior! This wiki is where you can roleplay your cats in the many Clans!
* Swearing is allowed, but abusing this power is unacceptable. We will ban you if you use swears to insult someone.
  • Bullying is an automatic one week ban.
  • Please respect the admins and rollbacks!
IRC #wikia-catsofclansOps: Icy, Echo, SatsuVoices:Active users
Please respect our admins, just a reminder! They work very hard on the wiki and we'd love appreciation!
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EchoBird IcyFox33

4/10/12: Wiki is closed. For help with deleting/saving/restoring pages, speak to Fox or Echo.
Features Maybe?
Should we do featured articles/pictures?

The poll was created at 00:18 on June 19, 2012, and so far 8 people voted.

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